Bushes and Shrub Trimming: Freedom outdoors has become highly respected in the landscape maintenance field.  Trimming is sometimes all that is needed to give your landscape that new look without the expensive replacement costs.  Over the years we have gained so much experience in trimming bushes, shrubs and hedges that people don't realize its the same landscape or even the same house after we are done.  We take pride in the finished product and have an eye of what the landscape bushes should and can look like.  Customers sometimes don't realize the bushes they have and a good proffessional trimming can make the property transform from wild to designer.  We use a wide range of equipment to suit every situation.  Over the years we have worked with many home owners and real estate agents to bring that designer curb appeal the the landscaping of the property. 
Contact us for a free consultation to see what we can do to enhance the beauty of the plants you have and either upkeep the look or bring back the look of a well manicured landscaping.