Freedom Outdoors is a Thornhill based company (previously "Freedom Lawncare" changing names as I became more diversed in what my company offered) which is a owner / operated business that has become a family run business.  I, Dave Estrien have a university degree in economics and business and many courses and certificates in landscaping and construction.  I have worked hands on since the beginning of the business, myself and our trained team have become experienced outdoor specialists and we give the utmost respect for the company and the customers we take care of.  We have been in the landscape business for over 26 years and construction sales business for over 33 years.  We are highly respected in the industry by our customers, colleagues and suppliers.  This business is my life and my passion and with the help of my team and my wife we have grown this company to one I am proud of and love what we do. 

Reliable . Friendly

Residential . Commercial . Industrial

Landscape . Property Maintenance . Decks . Urns . Snow Plowing . Salting . and so much more