Sodding and Seeding: Over the years Freedom Outdoors has layed thousands of square feet of sod for home owners, commercial properties and builders.  Whether you are replacing old sod, extending your lawn over a garden or old patio or resurfacing an area after major construction our company can make it perfect and give you the look you want.  Sod is instant grass with no waiting.
Seeding is a way to fix un even lawns (bumpy) or re-establish thick lawn by adding soil and the appropriate seeds to the conditions of your growing area.  Freedom outdoors have made the worst lawn into the greenest.  A thick lawn means less weeds and longer life, adding soil and seed enhances what you have already and with the proper seed gives you the results you need. 

Soil and Aggregates: Adding Top Soil (triple mix) or Mulch is not only good for looks in the garden put it is adding nutrients to the existing soil.  We supply and install a wide variety of aggregates to enhance the beauty of your property whether its soil, mulch, river rocks or gravel, contact us to get a free estimate of what your property needs to enhance its beauty and nutrients.

Contact us today for a consultation to find out the best solution for your yard.